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We have been working to help you manage your chronic health conditions

Sepalika is the result of the passion that the founders share for dietary supplements. Having experienced the power of vitamin and nutrient supplements first hand, we wanted to take this knowledge to as many people as possible.

Opinions on dietary supplements swing a long way, both ways; from blind faith in every new “miracle” to stumble out of the Amazon forest, to a broad sweep pharma-driven rejection of all vitamins and supplements as being useless.

We’ve found that the truth often lies somewhere in the middle.

There’s good research to support the use of many dietary supplements. Medical doctors are reporting the fantastic results that chronic patients experience when they use dietary supplements in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes.

We recognize that good health is a stool with many legs. All we’re saying is that in today’s world, with a compromised food supply, chronic stress and a population reeling under the side effects of medicines, dietary supplements have an important role to play.

Sepalika is a mission to highlight what seems to work within the world of supplements. We urge everyone to learn a little bit more; to empower themselves with the right knowledge, to speak to their medical practitioners and involve them too. We’ve seen lives turn around. We’re a small team that’s here to help you transform yours.

With you, in your journey back to vibrant health and well being.

Our Team

Sharda Agarwal


Mahesh Jayaraman


Tejas Hoskatti

Tech Head

Bishnu Prasad Panda

UI/UX Lead

Majid Kazi

Content Head

Pranita Potnis

Social Media Lead

Shivani Dhruve

Administration Manager

Sandeep Mahajan

SEO Head


Dr. Radhika Dontala


Dr. Rachita Narsaria


Dr. Nilima Vyas

BHMS, Homeopathy

Dr. Manthan Mehta

MD Pharmacology

Dr. Tejal Lathia


Dr. Rebecca Harwin

Experienced Clinician, International Author & PCOS Expert

Adrian Langford


Nachiket Rajadhyaksha

Medical Writer

Ashish Sharma

Medical Writer

Jitendra Rathod

Microbiologist and

Science Writer

Maneera Saxena Behl

Health and Fitness


Mahesh Jayaraman

Therapist & Co Founder,


Sharda Agarwal

Co-founder, Sepalika

Sepalika Editorial

Antara Agarwal

Writer and Health Enthusiast

Sonali Birla


Shefali Sabhrajanak


Kristin Muckerheide

Functional medicine &

Holistic Health Practitioner

Lora Freeman

Writer for Physical, Mental

and Spritiual Health

Karena Tonkin

Clinical Nutritionist &

Health coach

Lisa DiFalco

Senior Health Writer

Lynn H

Leading Medical Writer

Amanda D

Health and Fitness Writer

Darla F

Healthcare Professional

and Writer

Lisa Wolfe

Health and Fitness


Rachelle Chandraan

Health Writer

Kanika Raj

Writer and Health


Sangeeta Mall

Writer & Author

Anamika Chakravarty

Apoorva Pagar

Josh Duvauchelle

Certified Fitness Expert

and Life Coach

Pallavi Pinge

Ritu Garg

Shannon Davidson

Health Writer

Shivani Prasad

Patricia Bratianu

Andrea Nagy

Hormonal Gymnastics, Nutritionist, and Life Coach

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