Can acid reflux cause inflammed esophagus?

Many people mistakenly think that acid reflux is only about heartburn. Yes, it is the most common symptom of acid reflux, but certainly not the only one. I know of people who had symptoms as diverse as unexplained shoulder pains to insomnia to cough that their doctor, on a hunch, put them on an acid reflux medication for and they symptoms went away.

Acid reflux influences multiple systems in the human body. The digestive tract literally runs from your mouth to your anus! In the case of the friend who had unexplained shoulder pains, turned out the acidity was irritating the nerves in his middle to upper back and this was giving him shoulder ache.

Another possibility to consider is histamine sensitivity. Histamine is a naturally occurring substance that is part of our immune response and it is also found in several foods. If you find that your esophagus is inflamed after you consume certain foods like strawberries or fermented foods like cheese or kimchi, it could well be that you body is unable to handle the histamine.

Rather than resort to prescription medications to treat such symptoms, you may want to consider simple tips to reduce acid reflux naturally. You could also use dietary supplements to help reduce acid reflux and even your histamine intolerance . All the best!

Sepalika Editorial

Sepalika Editorial

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