I did Nassau surgery but I still have acid reflux. What can I do?

Acid reflux could happen for a variety of reasons, the core solution is to fix is your stomach acid. Paradoxically, the higher the quality of your stomach acid, the harder the “cap” of the stomach closes and the lesser the chances of the acid sloshing out to give you “reflux”.

While surgery can help if there is a structural problem with the stomach and food pipe, it cannot help remove the other possible causes of acid reflux – eating in a hurry without chewing, eating under stress, eating too much processed food, not sleeping well, etc. These are lifestyle issues that can lead to acid reflux and only you can fix them.

Here are a few quick tips. Half an hour before you eat, have a tall glass of pure water. This will help your buffer the walls of you stomach and let your system secrete strong stomach acid without worrying about damage. Next, eat in peace and chew every mouthful of food completely before swallowing it. This way, a lot of the food, especially the carbs, get mostly digested in the mouth itself, reducing the digestive load on the stomach, reducing how much acid has to be produced in a hurry.

Go for a light walk after a meal, this helps settle it. Finally, you can try the dietary supplement called Raft Forming Alginates, made from seaweed, after a meal. This prevents acid fumes from coming back up your food pipe, reducing heartburn. You can look at a full list of supplements that support relief from heartburn here
If you are already on medications for acid reflux, do involve your medical practitioner in your dietary supplement choices.

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