What are ways to manage acid reflux?

Acid Reflux is best managed through a combination of 1) lifestyle changes – to prevent recurrent attacks and 2) natural supplements – to help manage the symptoms and avoid prescription medications for the same.

Lifestyle changes are really simple, but need dedication and discipline to implement. They range from – chewing food thoroughly before swallowing, eating in peace and avoiding foods that you know trigger your acidity. Many people find that drinking a tall glass of water, 20 minutes before the meal also helps.

Once the acid reflux is there, however, we all want instant relief.

That is why the prescription and OTC medications for acid reflux are among the top best sellers for pharma. Acid reflux medication is not as harmless as they seem though. Many of us end up using these as a habit and that’s when they hamper with our natural digestive process and end up giving us nasty side effects that we never expected – from high blood pressure to weak bones to muscle pains.

It may be possible to use natural cures – from simple apple cider vinegar and traditional bitters to Raft Forming Alginates to Mastic Gum and Licorice to help deal with acid reflux more naturally.

Sepalika Editorial

Sepalika Editorial

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