Is there a cure to histamine intolerance?

Simple answer, yes. Histamine is a natural chemical made in our bodies in response to an injury or something we are allergic to. Histamines are also found in abundance in some common foods that we eat. Eating these foods is often the trigger for histamine intolerance. In order to become histamine “intolerant”, the total histamine “load” in your body needs to cross the threshold that your body can tolerate.

So, if the total of histamine produced in our body + the histamines you consume through food become too high for your body to handle (if some people, this can happen if histamines are not broken down properly in the gut), you get symptoms of histamine intolerance.

You can deal with histamine intolerance by avoiding histamine rich foods and by getting a helping hand from dietary supplements that assist your body to handle histamine better.

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Sepalika Editorial

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