Does my Dad need a formal diagnosis for Alzheimer’s?

Yes, he does. Alzheimer’s is a disease that is still poorly understood and difficult to diagnose with certainty. A thorough 30–60 minute consultation with a physician is necessary to rule out other medical conditions related to mental decline. Sadly, this is rarely done in the U.S. Insist on a full diagnostic consultation with your doctor before starting any medication which often has serious side effects. Also, there are natural supplements – like vitamins and minerals and simple lifestyle modifications – like physical and mental exercises that can help her to slow the deterioration. Several elders with memory and cognitive decline have been found to be severely deficient in the B vitamins. Proper supplementation can literally give them a second lease of life. All the best!

Just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s…need information.

It is indeed a daunting diagnosis. The first thing to do is to ensure that you have had a thorough 30-60 minute consultation with your doctor before being handed this diagnosis. I’m mentioning this especially because this is rarely done in the U.S. You can check what is Alzheimers to get a simple explanation of the disease and what you can expect. The usual medications used for Alzheimer’s often have serious side effects , so do discuss these with your doctor and understand your options. Dietary supplements can often help, along with simple changes to lifestyle. Explore these as well. You can slow down the progress of the disease with a positive attitude and by making these changes. Good luck!

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