Is Alzheimer’s disease hereditary?

Having a certain gene that is known to be related to Alzheimer’s disease increases your risk of getting the condition. But, it does not mean that you will definitely get it. Epigenetics, the science that studies how genes are ‘expressed’ or played out, depending on how you live shows why. Since twins have very similar genes, several studies of identical twins were undertaken. These studies have shown that the lifestyle choices they made had the biggest impact on whether, or not, they would develop this particular disease they had a ‘birth risk’ of. A sedentary lifestyle, or one involving regular exercise, or one including some kind of spiritual practice have different effects on the probability of developing Alzheimer’s. Since there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease at this point in time, it would be highly advisable to adopt a lifestyle that could help you reduce this risk. There are also specific interventions (like regular mental exercises and having an active social life) that could help you reduce the risk of your genes expressing Alzheimer’s.

Sepalika Editorial

Sepalika Editorial

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