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  • Not available outside India, 16 Nov 2016 in nocategory

    Thank You For Taking The Test We are very sorry that we are unable to include you in the PCOD Programme at this time. Currently, our program is open only to women living in India. As soon as we open up our International program, we will connect with you. The Sepalika PCOD program is currently able […]

  • Eligibility Results, 12 Nov 2016 in nocategory

    Thank You for Taking the Test. Your results show you do have Symptoms of PCOD But the Good News: PCOD is COMPLETELY treatable.  Ask us at Sepalika. We are India’s Premier Online PCOD Clinic. We have treated Hundreds of PCOD patients successfully. Some women have even gone on to conceive! Sepalika works differently. Not like your […]