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  • Low AMH: Is it the end of my baby dreams?, 29 Mar 2022 in Fertility

    Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) can be a telling sign of how fertile you are. But like all things related to pregnancy, there is usually more to the story if you look beneath the surface. In this article, we’re going to talk about AMH, how it can affect your pregnancy and what you can do to improve […]

  • 9 Early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy (Some Very Unusual!), 22 Mar 2022 in Pregnancy

    You’re feeling very tired lately for no reason. Your bowels begin to act up. You’re snapping at others for no reason. Guess what? You could be pregnant! While the most common sign of pregnancy is a missed period, there are many other early symptoms that can help confirm you’re expecting. Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Watch […]

  • Hidden Causes of Male Infertility: What You Never Knew, 22 Feb 2022 in Fertility

    When a man ejaculates, he produces 100 million sperm cells, while a woman releases only one egg per month. Yet, a third of fertility issues come from men. How does Nature turn probability on its head? Hidden Causes of Male Infertility: What You Never Knew As a man, you’ve been told sperm disorders form the […]

  • Tracking your Ovulation Dates & Mistakes to Avoid, 08 Feb 2022 in Fertility

    Trying to have children? Are you using all the ovulation apps out there, but you’re still not seeing the two vertical lines on the pregnancy test? Are you ready to learn about your ovulation cycle? How Do I Know When my Fertile Window is? When are women most fertile? Traditionally, the days leading up to […]

  • The Real Truth About Why Fertility Rates Are Dropping. And What Can You Do?, 19 Mar 2021 in Fertility

    You’ve been trying to have a baby for a couple of years without much success. You haven’t paid too much attention to it until now….when several of your friends have expressed similar concerns. For many urban Indian couples who are busy with their careers, sometimes the thought of having a baby gets put on the […]

  • 8 Easy Ways To Deal With Period Pain Naturally, 01 Sep 2020 in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Treatments

    From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, excessive menstrual or period pain is considered a condition of “stagnation.” Stagnation refers to a lack of energy (in this case, blood) flowing through an organ. With period cramps, stagnation is thought to lodge in the lower abdomen and become irritated or activated when the body tries to […]

  • Castor Oil Benefits– Relieving Menstrual Cramps, 04 Aug 2020 in Living Well

    Castor oil packs have been used for thousands of years, often as a cure for constipation and there is research support for this in scientific literature too. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil has the ability to irritate the intestines and cause a bowel movement. But traditional cultures have known that it had deeper healing […]

  • List Of Foods Women With PCOS Should Avoid, 04 Oct 2019 in Diet & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Women with PCOS typically suffer from hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance and problems with weight. These significantly increase the risk of infertility, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and affect the overall quality of life. Women with PCOS also face increased risk of generalized anxiety.  Diet is a crucial part of reversing PCOS. While a low-carb, […]

  • Autoimmune Diseases: The Little-Known Key To Reversing It, 31 Aug 2018 in Living Well

    Autoimmune Symptom Management Has Its Limits Hi, I’m Mahesh Jayaraman, Acupressure Therapist, Health Counsellor and Co Founder of Sepalika.com. Recently, a doctor known to me confessed that when she was in medical school, the chapter that frightened her the most was the one on auto immune diseases. In allopathic scientific literature, the whole family of […]

  • Is there a link between Alzheimer’s and Depression?, 21 Aug 2018 in Alzheimer’s

    I don’t know where the car keys are! I don’t know what’s the current year or month. I am going to go in the room if we have guests over. These are common lines heard in the home of a patient with Alzheimer’s. How could this have started? Did the person show symptoms of depression […]

  • Weight Control Made Easy for Hypothyroidism, 20 Jul 2018 in Hypothyroidism

    “I found that I was suffering from hypothyroidism at the age of 20. I frequently felt tired and short of breath which led me to the hospital. The doctors ran some tests and announced that I had hypothyroidism. I started losing my body shape, gaining too much weight. All efforts from my family, going to […]

  • Morning Sickness and Acid Reflux: What’s the Connection?, 08 Jun 2018 in Acid Reflux & Acid Reflux Complications

    Morning sickness is usually associated with pregnancy. Your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes while you are pregnant. One of symptoms pregnant women experience is heart burn. More often than not,  we just ignore the acid reflux that comes along with the morning sickness; we never make a connect. Maybe it’s just the […]

  • Sleeping Pills: List of Side Effects and Alternatives, 29 May 2018 in Sleep

    Can’t catch a wink without that sleeping pills which has been prescribed? Does it lull you into the comfort of a perfect solution for your insomnia? Think again. Though sleep medications have genuine uses, they often do more harm than good. They may seem as a quick fix for sleep, but they cause serious health […]

  • Is Salt Bad for You?, 25 May 2018 in Living Well

    We are always told to eat less salt. It raises your blood pressure, which, in turn, can lead to diabetes and heart attacks. Salt is said to be damaging to the kidneys. Too much salt leads to bloating. Etcetera, etcetra. The ’why salt is your enemy’ list is endless. Unfortunately, no one talks about two […]

  • Chamomile tea for relieving stress-induced acid reflux, 23 May 2018 in Acid Reflux & Healthy Diet for Acid Reflux

    If you think only food can cause acid reflux, you may be in for a shock as stress is a common acid reflux trigger. Stress can affect many gut functions, and we know that patients who are under a lot of psychological stress suffer from more severe reflux symptoms without necessarily having more severe reflux. […]

  • Could PCOS be the reason for Your Insomnia?, 07 May 2018 in Health Problems & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Insomnia is the condition wherein one has persistent problems of falling and staying asleep. Usually when you notice symptoms of sleeplessness, the most common advice is to reduce stress and get to bed at a fixed hour. Some would say sleep early, others might start popping pills straightaway. But like other ailments, Insomnia too has […]

  • Moringa: The Wonder Remedy for Acid, 04 May 2018 in Acid Reflux & Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is a gastrointestinal condition in which the stomach acid or bile juice tends to rise up the esophagus, thereby irritating the food pipe lining. Its chronic form is called GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease). Causes of acid reflux range from a stomach abnormality called hiatal hernia to the more simple and common ones […]

  • Do Bananas Help with Acid Reflux?, 01 May 2018 in Acid Reflux & Healthy Diet for Acid Reflux

    Do you wake up in the morning with a terrible burning sensation in your stomach, Acid Reflux? Do antacids make a standard appearance on your work table? Do you feel something is rising up in your throat, especially after a heavy or spicy  meal? If you answered yes to one of these questions, chances are […]

  • Chyawanprash: Ayurveda’s Gift to Mankind, 24 Apr 2018 in Living Well

    Almost every home in India knows about Chyawanprash. It’s an Ayurvedic preparation, traditionally of a paste consistency, had every day by all members of the family, except infants. Chyawanprash is a herb based formulation and health supplement that can benefit both men and women alike. It tastes sweet, sour and a tad spicy, and looks […]

  • Why Metformin Is A Bad Idea For Weight Loss In PCOS, 20 Apr 2018 in Drug Side Effects & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Human anatomy is all about balance. It is all related. One has to attain the harmony between various facets of the body to keep it disease-free. The balance between your hormones plays the important role here as it drives your metabolism and thereby your blood sugar levels. The backstory of PCOD is elevated insulin levels. […]