4 Easy Tips To Improve Vision Naturally

Roughly 14 million Americans, aged 12 years and above have problems with their eyesight. Eye exercises are one of the most effective measures to improve vision. Let’s look at four easy-to-follow tips for eye care.


In the year 1919, Dr William Bates developed this exercise for improving eyesight. The exercise, influenced by yoga, involves a simple procedure of rubbing the palms against each other and cupping the warm palms on the closed eyelids. The idea is to impart warmth to the eyeballs, while not putting too much pressure on them. This exercise soothes the eyeballs and releases stress. Initially, you might get a vision of colourful bands or grey patches or an illusion of colours. The more you relax, the darker the vision grows, and ultimately becomes pitch dark when you are fully relaxed.


This exercise is very effective for focusing. It involves constantly changing the gaze from far to near. Lengthen your arm to a comfortable stretch and keep the thumb in a hitchhiking position. Start focusing on the thumb when your arms are fully stretched and slowly bring your thumb closer, all the while keeping your focus on the thumb. Stop focusing when your thumb is as close as 3 inches from the eyes. Repeat the process at least thrice, once in a week.

Tracing The Figure ‘Eight’

This simple eye exercise helps improving the flexibility of eye muscles. At a distance of approximately 10 feet, visualize an image of eight on its side (resembling the Infinity symbol). You can then slowly trace the figure with your eyes for a few minutes and repeat it at regular intervals.

Pendulum Exercise

This simple exercise sharpens the focus of lenses by working on oblique muscles of the eye. You can use either a real pendulum or an imaginary one. The idea is to concentrate on the pendulum and shift the focus of eyes from side-to-side to follow its movement.

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Sepalika Editorial

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