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Acid Reflux

11 Easy Hacks To Prevent Acid Reflux When Flying

Jul 5, 2017
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Air travel & GERD

Have a long flight to your travel destination? For many of us, air traveling is stressful to begin with. From waiting in long queues at check-in and security and immigration gates to changing time zones, weather conditions and unreliable food stops, air travel can bring out the worst even in the best of us.

If you are like many flyers, you pop a chewing gum in your mouth to prevent blocked ears, and you ask for a soda so you can relax and settle down into your seat. Right? Well, you’ve just set yourself up for heartburn.

Carbonated drinks are your worst enemy on a long flight. All that fizz will only make you feel bloated and result in unwanted belching because altitude causes gas in your stomach to expand, adding to your discomfort. Chewing gum may help your ears pop, but it also makes you swallow more air, which also causes gastrointestinal distress (the only exception is chewing sugar-free gum). You’re better off asking the flight attendant for ear plugs and a glass of water.

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Maneera Saxena Behl

Maneera Saxena Behl

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