Why do I have swollen hips with acute itching?

While we would need more detail to understand your issue and guide you properly, it does seem likely that you are allergic to something. The normal allopathic attitude towards this would be to give you anti-allergic medications. However, this only provides symptomatic relief and the problem will likely recur. It may be worthwhile to consult a naturopathic doctor or a practitioner of holistic medicine or a doctor of Chinese medicine to help you get rid of the root cause. They may ask for some lab tests to establish what foods you are allergic to in order to help you eliminate those. Making the proper dietary changes is usually the most effective solution to chronic itches. If, after your doctor consult, you find out that you have rheumatoid arthritis – a form of allergic arthritis – here is a resource on the supplements that you can use to help yourself.

If, like some people, you believe in cleaning up your diet by yourself, you can use this resource to create a more healing environment in your body and see if that helps you get rid of the problem.

Here’s the link to our article: http://www.sepalika.com/living-well/an-alkaline-diet-to-improve-your-overall-health/

Sepalika Editorial

Sepalika Editorial

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