What is the remedy to acclimatize to warm weather?

Actually you want to regulate your body temperature to the outdoor temperature in every season,especially summer.When I stayed in the Netherlands a few years ago,the family I stayed with drank hot tea at all hours to acclimatize to the warm weather.I still avoid ice beverages for this reason. Also they inhibit digestion,which is part of Ayurveda,the holistic system of natural medicine in India,which is between 3,500 and 5,000 years old! The older,the wiser.

You’re absolutely right. It is a pity that in several places in India, especially the larger cities, this ancient wisdom has been forgotten and folks keep drinking water and other beverages out of refrigerators in the summer. In China though, we’re told, they sip warm water throughout the year, even in the bigger cities. Thousands of years of practical wisdom can’t be too far off the mark.

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