Thank You for Taking the Test.

Your results show you do have Symptoms of PCOD

But the Good News: PCOD is COMPLETELY treatable. 

Ask us at Sepalika. We are India’s Premier Online PCOD Clinic. We have treated Hundreds of PCOD patients successfully. Some women have even gone on to conceive!

Sepalika works differently. Not like your current treatment.

The ONLY way to treat PCOD is at its root. Allopathy addresses just symptoms. Nothing more.

You need a Solution that will give you Lasting Results. That’s what the Sepalika program does. We Restore Your Hormone Balance Naturally and teach you a way to keep PCOD away from life for good!

Wish to Speak to a Health Coach on Your Symptoms?

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or send us a WhatsApp with your name. We shall call between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm on working days.

Here is how The Program works after you pay

  • You will be treated by a team of medical experts with experience in treating hundreds of PCOD women.
  • All treatment is online via Phone calls & WhatsApp. No need to visit a clinic.
  • 1st, you fill a form giving us your detailed medical history.
  • 2nd, you do blood tests with SRL Labs. They will come to your home. These tests are included in the price.
  • You will then have a detailed phone call with a medical expert who will explain your condition & treatment.
  • We then customize treatment for your specific symptoms. You will get a diet plan, a prescription for vitamins, minerals and ayurvedic home medicine and exercise videos. We teach you how to do magnet acupressure.
  • We will courier to your home a kit containing 3 month supply of core PCOD supplements and the acupressure kit.


₹ 15,000 + 18% GST For 3 Months

Initial blood test (with SRL Labs worth ₹ 8,500)

3 month supply of magnet acupressure kit 

Full set of measuring cups and spoons for portion measurement

All Expert Consults

Note –
The pricing does not cover the additional supplements you may be specifically deficient in as per lab tests.

How the program works

Meet Your PCOD Expert Team