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We customize to meet your personal health goals – whether that’s immunity, energy, hormonal balance, weight loss or something else

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You get long-term, sustainable solutions that lead to vibrant health.


Building Vibrant Health Through Healthy Eating

“I want to be at my best at work and at home. I want more stamina, to do more.”

“My father has diabetes. Grandmother had high BP and cardiac troubles. I want to protect myself from these genetic diseases, but diets and gyms are so boring!”

“I used to be full of energy. But now I feel tired all the time, physically and mentally.”

Does any of this sound familiar? Many of us spend all our energy meeting deadlines and supporting others. But you can’t pour from an empty cup. Your own body deserves care and attention too.
We take the guesswork out of building vibrant health with a personalized, holistic, sustainable program. We’ll help you achieve:

  • Improved immunity
  • More energy
  • Weight loss (if you are overweight)
  • Less stress, better sleep, mental focus
  • Reduced insulin resistance and pre-diabetes
  • Reduced inflammation

Most importantly, you will understand your body’s needs better and achieve vibrant health.

How We Help?

We teach you two scientifically proven secrets for vibrant health – Healthy Feasting and Intermittent Fasting. Then, we help you fit these two principles seamlessly into your daily life. While it sounds simple, it is a science. Using blood tests as our starting point ensures that we give your body the right vitamins and minerals it needs. While general healthy diet principles are the same for most people, personalizing it on small things – like changing the cooking oil, figuring out the right dinner time for you, even seeing how well you respond to a dairy elimination for a few days – can give you a huge personal advantage. Over three months, you literally figure out your personal food code – that you can then use to stay healthy for life.

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What is healthy feasting?

Healthy feasting is the “anti-diet” diet. Food is not the enemy here, but a source of nourishment and joy/pleasure. Healthy feasting means eating delicious, nutrient-dense food every day. It means eating carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the right proportion – right for your body type, health conditions, lifestyle and life stage

Healthy feasting means understanding how to combine foods, so you can eat almost everything, without feeling deprived. Healthy feasting is a plan for life – not a fad diet that lasts a few months. It also includes the taking dietary supplements, because if you’re low on certain vitamins and minerals, your body needs the extra push to get back into great health.

It also includes the taking dietary supplements, because if you’re low on certain vitamins and minerals, your body needs the extra push, to get back into great health.

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What is intermittent fasting?

To be in our best shape, we need to burn hidden fat and lose toxins. For this, we need to increase the amount of time for which our body burns energy. This happens when you don’t eat for specific periods of time each day. Even if you don’t reduce the overall amount you eat, eating within a specific time window every day, while fasting for the rest of the time, lowers insulin levels in your blood and balances all hormones. This helps you burn a lot more fat than you otherwise would. It even helps prevent disease that may be silently growing inside you, but has not been detected yet.

For those who’ve never tried it before, Intermittent Fasting can seem daunting. But we’re here to bust some myths and show that this transformative practice is within everyone’s reach.

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Myth 1

“Fasting? Sounds like I’ll have to go without food for days on end!”

Not at all. We suggest remarkably simple changes, like having breakfast a little later, or having dinner a little earlier. This in often enough to give you all the benefits. If you feel comfortable, you can gradually extend the fasting windows. We want to give habits that are sustainable for life, not just for a few months

Myth 2

Fasting will sap my energy and give me headaches or acidity!

A few people experience low energy and headaches at the beginning. We teach you simple tips and tricks to manage these issues, which usually clear up within a couple of weeks.

Our bodies were designed for Intermittent Fasting. Remember that our ancient ancestors, the hunter-gatherers, fasted by default. So, please give your body time to get used to it – the results will be worth it.

Myth 3

Doesn’t fasting slow down metabolism? What if I put on weight?

This is simply untrue. Research shows that having multiple small meals, each with severe calorie restrictions, leads to weight gain in the long term, while Intermittent Fasting with Healthy Feasting leads to weight loss. Focus on eating healthy during your feasting windows and fat quietly burns away during the fasting windows.

Myth 4

I have a chronic medical or hormonal condition. Intermittent Fasting is not for me.

Fasting is safe and can in fact aid in reversing chronic conditions. Our team includes experienced specialists who will advise you on how to fast, keeping your condition in mind. Fasting lowers insulin, improves insulin sensitivity, and balances testosterone and estrogen. It helps your body create more Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which promotes muscle growth. Fasting also helps improve cognitive function, promotes glucose stability and helps your body fight leptin resistance.

How To Get Started?


Register for Program

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Give us Your Medical History

Fill out a medical history form, do a blood test and have a detailed call with our medical expert


Receive customized prescription

on your diet & supplements, lifestyle, etc. Explanations sent via text, images & videos


Your progress

is reviewed every 2 weeks by a medical therapist.

Ask Questions on chat at any time. (working hours only please )


How much does it cost?
3 Months Program


+18% GST
    • Comprehensive blood tests & expert analysis worth Rs 10,000
    • 3 Months Supply of Magnet Acupressure Kit
    • Fortnightly calls with your medical expert
    • Diet plan including guides for eating out, holiday & travel
    • Access to therapists anytime on chat (10am-6pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements we may recommend based on your blood tests. These can be bought at an online store.
  • Additional blood tests after the program if you would like to quantify your progress.
  • Additional tests for any unusual new symptoms during the program.

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Our clients have seen

Natural, regular periods with no chemical pills

Huge decrease in PMS symptoms

Weight loss and inch loss

Big boost in energy and mood

Increased fertility and natural conception


Sepalika Transformation Stories

The Sepalika team answered all my queries in detail and motivated me continuously. The diet was insightful and easy to follow. This was a life changing experience. I’m beyond impressed

Swati Mahajan, 40

I had struggled with weight issues for nearly five years, due to hypothyroidism and my uncontrolled intake of sugar products. With Sepalika’s patient guidance, I’ve learnt to easily control my sugar urges.

Lynette Saimon, 50

A miraculous journey. I’m healthier, fitter and much more active than ever before. The Sepalika team was always available to answer queries and help fit feasting & fasting into my daily routine.

Sowjhanya Shankaran, 31

With Sepalika, I learnt there is a time, frequency and combination in which to eat all foods. I am happy to say I’m now completely off my thyroid medication and my BP is normal!

Minitha Saxena, 53

What can I Expect from My Health Journey 
with Sepalika?

Once you begin Intermittent Fasting, you will likely see a positive transformation in ten days. However, each individual is different. We recommend you give it at least ten weeks to achieve concrete, long-lasting results.

If you’re overweight, we will help you lose it sustainably and safely. However, rapid weight loss is neither desirable nor safe.

As part of Healthy Feasting, you’ll eat a lot of wholesome, tasty foods, and limit highly processed and fast food. We’ll only recommend foods that are easily suited to the Indian middle-class kitchen. For example, you don’t need to give up your favourite roti or rice. We will teach you how to combine it with good fats like ghee and reduce the blood-sugar spike caused by white rice or wheat rotis. But, we’d also love it if you incorporated a variety of nutritious, tasty flours and grains such as red or brown rice, millets, etc into your diet. We will share recipes, shopping directories, etc. to make all this super-easy.

Holiday? Marriage in the family? Late nights at work? If you slip up and deviate from the plan for a couple of days, don’t feel guilty. Just check in with us and share your challenges. We’ll help you get back on track. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients who have faced similar challenges, so chances are, we already know how to modify your plan to help you cope with whatever you’re facing. We know it’s tough, but we’re with you every step of the way. We promise that your patience and consistency will pay off!

Your Expert Care Team

Finest care from our top care specialists

Sharda Agarwal

Co-founder & FNTP

Nutritional Therapy
Association, USA


Mahesh Jayaraman

Co-founder & Chief Medical Therapist

Dr. Rishivandhiyaa B




Leon Sra

Head Nutritionist

M.Sc Clinical Nutrition,
University College London


Gurpriya Singh

Medical Therapist

Diploma in Acupressure & Dietary Supplements Advisory


Payal Doshi

Health Admin

Riddhi Patel

Health Coach

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