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What is Fatty Liver?

Your liver performs more than 500 vital functions. Fatty Liver – meaning excess fat stored in the liver – is a potentially dangerous condition. It can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, heart disease, Cholesterol, Diabetes and other complications.

Sadly, it is extremely common these days. Most people do not know that they have Fatty Liver, because it does not have many symptoms and is not easy to detect from just a regular blood test. The most common way people find out is after doctor makes them to get an ultrasound test done for suspected liver troubles.

There are two types of Fatty Liver – Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). The “Fatty” is common to both, since there is excess fat stored in the liver in both conditions. As the name suggests, while alcohol is the main cause for the liver damage in the first type, processed foods, poor cooking oils, exposure to strong antibiotics and other toxins, etc. contribute to NAFLD.

Excess fat in the liver reduces the surface area available inside the liver for its regular detox functions, making the liver “sluggish”. In addition to this, the stored fat is inflammatory by itself, meaning it begins to damage the liver and if not fixed it time, can lead to permanent ‘scarring’ of the liver tissue. Fatty Liver increases your risk of cardiac disease significantly.

While some people do experience fatigue and pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen (around the physical position of the liver in the body), remember that In many cases, there may be no clear symptoms and ultrasound testing is needed for diagnosis.

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Risk Factors For Fatty Liver

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having a poor diet, that is high in processed sugars (especially fructose)
  • Being Diabetic (Type 1 & Type 2)
  • Having Insulin Resistance and/or Metabolic Syndrome
  • High Cholesterol in the blood (especially triglycerides)
  • Having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome/Disease (PCOS/PCOD)
  • Having Hypothyroidism (Thyroid gland being underactive)
  • Being exposed to toxins including strong antibiotics
  • Consuming a lot of alcohol

Why Your Current Treatment May Not Be Working

Many people are given drugs called statins to try and combat Fatty Liver. Statins work by reducing the synthesis of fats in the body, so that there is less available for storing inside the liver. However, statins have dangerous side effects including high blood sugar, muscle pains, dizziness, sleep disorders, abdominal pain and vision problems. Many people also believe that reducing their dietary fat intake will help reduce Fatty Liver. This is an error caused by the misleading name, because “fatty” livers are most often caused by intake of processed sugar and trans-fats like processed vegetable oils and margarine, not by healthy fats like ghee and butter. In fact, the right kinds of fat are really healthy for patients with Fatty Liver!

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How We Help?

We’ll help your body remove excess fat from your liver through gradual, sustainable lifestyle changes. We’ll guide you to eat nourishing, delicious food at the right time, and with the right proportions of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. We’ll also give you specific vitamins and minerals that greatly help address Fatty Liver.

It is extremely important to ensure that the patient’s excretory system is working well, before beginning to address Fatty Liver disease. Since stored fat can often contain fat-soluble toxins that the body is keeping safely in the liver, away from the circulating blood, removing excess fat from the liver causes these toxins to come back into the blood stream. When the patient has good excretion and is clearing their bowels well, say at least once a day, these toxins can be safely escorted out of the body.

Many people read about ‘Fatty Liver detox’ on the internet and begin doing this at home, without first fixing their digestion and elimination. This can lead to serious toxicity symptoms like skin eruptions, digestive distress, poor mood, extreme fatigue, etc.

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  • Vitamin and mineral supplements we may recommend based on your blood tests. These can be bought at an online store.
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  • Additional tests for any unusual new symptoms during the program.

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Improved Liver Enzymes as fatty liver resolves

Improved energy with better liver function

Improved metabolic health as digestion improves

Natural detox as toxins in liver fat leave the body

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Sepalika Transformation Stories

Sepalika explained the logic behind each recommendation – understanding this motivated me greatly.

Vaishali Shahapurkar, 49

What can I Expect from My Fatty Liver Journey with Sepalika?

You will typically see improvements within one or two months. However, please remember every individual is different. Some heal soon, while others take longer. People who have digestion and elimination challenges (like acid reflux or constipation) have to first fix these problems, before we tackle the Fatty Liver.

If you’re taking strong allopathic medication, we may ask you to go off them, so they don’t interfere with our treatment.

If you have any associated health conditions like high cholesterol, we’ll work on those simultaneously. If you’re overweight, we’ll help you drop the kilos safely and sustainably. But please don’t aim for rapid weight loss, because it can be unsafe.

The typical modern lifestyle and food often is very carbohydrate heavy, and contributes to Fatty Liver. If needed, we’ll help you make a few gradual, sustainable changes to your lifestyle and food. This may include slight modifications to meal timings. We know changing your routine is challenging, but we promise that your patience and hard work will pay off!

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