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A team of experienced therapists, nutritionists and health coaches will help reverse your Menopausal symptoms. All treatment is via phone consults and text chat. No need to travel to a clinic.

How Sepalika is different

We customize to address your needs – your body, your lifestyle, your priorities

We treat you as a whole. We tap into the surprising interconnections among your body systems to heal from within

The root causes – hormonal imbalances and low levels of sex hormones – are addressed

We’re completely online for your convenience and safety

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What is Menopause?

Menopause is a part of life’s natural progression. Your ovaries reduce the production of sex hormones, and menstruation stops. You officially reach menopause when you don’t have a period for at least one year continuously. The period leading up to menopause – typically lasting a few years – is called perimenopause.

Menopause and perimenopause aren’t illnesses. But everyone going through them knows that the symptoms can be deeply uncomfortable.
According to traditional health sciences like Ayurveda, transition into menopause should be completely without any uncomfortable symptoms. Menopausal symptoms – like hot flashes and mood swings – happen only when a woman reaches this natural life stage with her health already out of balance.

The idea is quite simple to understand. While you continue to have periods, every month, your ovaries produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which have important roles to play in your body, beyond just reproduction. These two hormones perform many other tasks. They help your bones stay strong, abdominal weight stay in check, skin remain soft and healthy, body-temperature controls work properly, brain to able to multi-task, stay in good mood, etc. The adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys, also produce small amounts of estrogen and other hormones, to support your ovaries.

When you reach menopause, the ovaries stop producing these hormones, but the adrenal glands continue to do so. While you may no longer be able to have a baby, the other health functions – skin, bones, cardiac health, cognitive health, etc. – will continue to be served by the small amount of these hormones produced by the adrenal glands.

The sad part of our modern life is that by the time most women reach perimenopause or menopause, their adrenal glands are already overworked and exhausted! Modern stress takes such a toll on us that our adrenal glands are unable to make up for the deficit of hormones not being produced by the ovaries anymore. Result: you have menopausal symptoms, which are almost a sign of you arriving at this stage of life burnt out! With our holistic program, that helps to support your adrenal glands to recover and function well again, you can overcome the discomfort and get your vibrancy back!

Symptoms We Treat

  • Hot flushes
  • Weak Joints / Joint Pains
  • Stubborn weight
  • Mood swings
  • Low Energy
  • Heavy Periods
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sleep issues
  • Reduced libido
  • Anxiety

How We Help?

We effectively relieve your menopausal symptoms with no side effects. We achieve this by supporting your adrenal glands, so they are not over-burdened with the task of producing hormones no longer being produced by your ovaries.

What’s more, where possible, we help you delay menopause. Research shows that there are major health benefits that come with delayed menopause:

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  • Live longer and having greater resilience against illnesses
  • Avoiding osteoporosis and minimizing bone density loss
  • Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease

How To Get Started?


Register for Program

Call us to understand the right program for you. Make payment. Start program from comfort of your home.


Give us Your Medical History

Fill out a medical history form, do a blood test and have a detailed call with our medical expert


Receive customized prescription

on your diet & supplements, lifestyle, etc. Explanations sent via text, images & videos


Your progress

is reviewed every 2 weeks by a medical therapist.

Ask Questions on chat at any time. (working hours only please )


How much does it cost?
3 Months Program


+18% GST
    • Comprehensive blood tests & expert analysis worth Rs 10,000
    • 3 Months Supply of Magnet Acupressure Kit
    • Fortnightly calls with your medical expert
    • Diet plan including guides for eating out, holiday & travel
    • Access to therapists anytime on chat (10am-6pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements we may recommend based on your blood tests. These can be bought at an online store.
  • Additional blood tests after the program if you would like to quantify your progress.
  • Additional tests for any unusual new symptoms during the program.

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Our clients have seen

Natural, regular periods with no chemical pills

Huge decrease in PMS symptoms

Weight loss and inch loss

Big boost in energy and mood

Increased fertility and natural conception


Sepalika Transformation Stories

Sepalika helped me with disturbed sleep, low energy levels and night sweats. Their program is simple and easy with supportive experts guiding you. I’d definitely recommend it.

Srvidhya Vishwanathan

Sepalika’s supplements and magnets have really helped me in elevating my moods and balancing emotions. Within a month, I’ve noticed a positive difference in my sleeping pattern, anxiety issues and energy levels.

Reshma Sabnis, 47

I’ve struggled with insomnia for over a decade – only 3-4 hours of sleep a night, even with Benadryl. Sepalika’s menopause program has given me 5-6 hours of sleep every night without Benadryl. I feel so motivated to take charge of my health.

Preeti B, 51

My hot flashes have reduced. Concentration and memory have improved. Most importantly, I understand my body a lot more and am mindful about food. A great learning journey!

Manisha Lath Gupta, 47

In one month, my energy levels are up, and moods are a lot better. Palpitations have reduced too. Overall, I feel a lot better!

Sarika Mahashabde, 49

Doctors had advised complete hysterectomy, but I decided to try Sepalika’s treatment first. Now, my bleeding has stopped, and I feel less tired. Thank you for saving me from going under the knife.

Lynette Saimon, 50

What can I Expect from Menopause Journey with Sepalika?

Your symptoms, including weight, will improve within the first month itself. However, everyone’s body is different – some transform quickly, while others take longer.

Our program isn’t a quick fix. We know how challenging it can be to change your lifestyle, so we only suggest changes that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. We promise your patience and consistency will pay off!

Our food plans are suitable for regular Indian homes, so you won’t have to give up your favourite meals. But you may have to make a few key tweaks, like cooking in the right oils.

If you’re overweight, we’ll help you drop the kilos safely and sustainably. But please don’t aim for rapid weight loss, because it can be unsafe.

If you’re on strong allopathic pills, we will ask you to go off them, so that they don’t interfere with our treatment.

Your Expert Care Team

Finest care from our top care specialists

Sharda Agarwal

Co-founder & FNTP

Nutritional Therapy
Association, USA


Mahesh Jayaraman

Co-founder & Chief Medical Therapist

Dr. Rishivandhiyaa B




Leon Sra

Head Nutritionist

M.Sc Clinical Nutrition,
University College London


Gurpriya Singh

Medical Therapist

Diploma in Acupressure & Dietary Supplements Advisory


Payal Doshi

Health Admin

Riddhi Patel

Health Coach

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