Be PCOD free in 3 months

₹ 15,000 includes

  • Initial blood test (with SRL Labs worth ₹ 8,500)
  • 3 month supply of magnet acupressure kit
  • Full set of measuring cups and spoons for portion measurement
  • All medical & nutritional consultations
  • All medical & nutritional consultations

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Take the eligibility test, make payment & start program from comfort of your home

Fill our a medical history form, do a blood test and have a detailed call with our medical expert

Receive a customized prescription on diet, supplements, acupressure and exercises. Explanations sent via text, images & videos

Your progress reviewed every 2 weeks by a medical therapist. Ask questions on WhatsApp chat.


7/10 women got their first natural period in 3 months, with no contraceptives

Almost all women saw weight loss from 1st month itself

Period pains, mood swings, bloating improved significantly

Acne and body hair significantly reduced


  • We adopt a Functional Medicine approach to treat. This means we use diet, vitamins and minerals, acupressure, Ayurveda & exercise. No allopathy.
  • Since our treatment program is natural and goes to root cause, it takes time and patience to treat your condition. No popping pills as quick fixes. 
  • Each person is different. So some people will take longer to heal. And in some tough cases, results may be difficult to obtain.
  • We do not guarantee any weight loss. The body can safely lose up to 2-3kgs per month, if program is followed sincerely. Our objective is to put you on a safe and sustainable weight loss program to balance hormones.
  • If you are on contraceptive pills or other strong allopathy, we will ask you to go off them. These pills will interfere with our treatment.
  • Our diet and exercise programs are suitable for most middle class Indian homes.
    However, you will be asked to make key changes like cooking in the right oils. Be ready to make changes, to see best results.
Our 5-Petal PCOD Treatment Program batch is full and participants are seeing wonderful results.

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