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Multiple experts continuosly collaborate with you to reserve your PCOD

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    Magnetic Accutherapy

    Using the ancient wisdom of acupressure, these powerful energy balancing magnets restore the energy flow in your body. The protocol is updated regularly based on your progress in the program.

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    A safe herbal formula that comes to you as a capsule to be taken everyday, just like any other medicine. It is proven to reverse PCOD by restoring the hormonal balance in your body

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    You have to fix your diet if you want to fix PCOD - How many times have you heard that before? Our experts create a simple food plan to balance your hormones and get you healthy again. They also monitor your progress and are accessible throughout to help you achieve your goa.

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    We know the weighing scale hardly moves to the left when you have PCOD. Our fitness expert created an easy-to-follow exercise program that targets PCOD affected areas and improves the energy flow.

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    Dietary Supplements

    Your body could be missing several vital nutrients. Our experts analyze your blood tests and recommend different supplements that are vital to your treatment.



Medication Customized for you


Expert Consultation & knowledge


Nutrition plan & monthly review


PCOD friendly daily exercise routine


24 hrs chat based plans

can be reversed naturally

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An integrated and progressive approach to treat PCOD

Mahesh Jayaraman

Co-Founder, Sepalika

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Happy Customers

As an MBBS doctor myself, I have tried to understand why my periods have been so erratic. Have spoken to several gynaecologists and seniors, but nobody joined the dots and explained my lab reports like this. I know I'm getting the correct guidance here.

Dr. VIDYA Correct Guidance and Explanation

I have started receiving compliments on my weight loss. It looks like I am starting to lose weight. My thanks to team Sepalika. Specially Dr Ishika and Dr Mahesh. You guys have taken me back to our roots. Really glad that I found you guys.

ASHU Getting Compliments for Weight Loss

In around 26 days of starting the program, I got my first natural period in around 2 years! My second natural period arrived 30 days later, and I didn't suffer from any PMS, bloating, mood swings or acne. Thank you, Sepalika!

SHIVANI Two Natural Monthly Cycles After Two Years

The exercise videos are really good. I work up quite a sweat by the time the Sepalika-Syybol dance or walk is over. The notes in the videos are useful and motivating. Ashraf's motivational shouts are also good. The yoga video is also enjoyable with a soft steady instructor voice and clear demo.

SMITHA Highly Effective & Motivating Exercises

It’s the first time in the last 5 years that I got a natural period. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to your program. Surprisingly it’s totally painless. No discomfort, no cramps. No problem at all! I am really hopeful now..I had thought I’d never be able to have natural period.

SUSHMA First natural Period In 5 Years

My clothing size is one-two sizes smaller than before. It was 14 earlier it's between 10-12 size now. My weight has also reduced from 73 to 71.5 kgs in one month. Hair fall is better now. I am thrilled!

ANKITA Drop in Clothes Size and Reduced Hair Fall

My acne has reduced significantly with dairy exclusion suggested in the Sepalika Nutrition Plan.

SUPRIYA Reduced Acne

I've just had my first natural period since December 2016. It was irregular and at the best, scanty before that. My waist has reduced from 31 to 29 inches and hip measurement has reduced 41 to 40 inches. My hair growth on the arms and legs has also reduced.

NIKITA First Period After a Year

I got two periods on the program that brought very little pains. Earlier, every alternate period was very painful. I even have better energy levels and some improvement on hair loss.

GURPRIYA Pain-free Periods

My period has become even more regular, i.e. it came on the exact 30th day from my last one, compared to my last few cycles. I feel like overall my skin feels better and breakouts are limited to days before my period. My sleep is also more regulated.

ANOUSHKA Regularized Cycles and Improvement in Skin

I have had 1kg weight loss. 1/2 inch lost at both the waist and hips. I feel lighter and more energetic. I got my period in 35 days without birth control pills.

Dr. SUDHA Weight and Inch Loss with Rise in Energy Levels


  • Do birth control pills really help?

    Watch Dr Pradnya Parulkar,Gynecologist and Obstetrician,talk about the role stress and lifestyle plays in PCOD, and how Birth Control Pills are..

  • Common Misconceptions about PCOD

    Watch Sharda Agarwal, Co-founder of Sepalika, speak about the misconceptions women have about PCOD and its treatment.

  • Why PCOD can only be fixed by lifetstyle

    Dr Manthan Mehta, MD, talk about the importanc of fixing your lifestyle as the only way to properly treat PCOD.

The Sepalika 5-Petal PCOD Treatment Plan is a one-of-a-kind program in India to treat PCOD, 100% naturally. We have also designed the program in a way that uses not just one, but various forms of healing such as acupressure, ayurveda, nutrition, exercise and dietary supplements to fix PCOD, right at its root.

Once you pay and sign up for the program, we will have our medical expert speak to you on phone to understand your health history. All treatment plans will be couriered to you or sent via chat. Every 2 weeks, a medical expert or nutritionist speaks to you on the phone to review your progress. You can ask us questions anytime during the 4 months of the program via chat and we will respond.

On the Sepalika PCOD program, you can get treated for irregular periods, acne, hair fall, excess facial or body hair, weight loss problems and cysts on ovaries. Results will vary from person to person.

We cannot give you an exact number of kilos you will lose. Weight loss with PCOD is dependant on various medical and hormonal conditions. It’s harder for some women than others. What we can assure you is that if you follow all the 5 petals diligently, you will see drastic inch loss and considerable weight loss. We suggest that you don’t look at this as a weight loss program and rather consider it as a program that will fix all your PCOD symptoms at its root and mainly regularize your periods.


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