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Sepalika PCOS
Neha Jain 30, Mumbai

Mahesh Jayaraman has supported me with magnetic therapy all throughout my pregnancy, delivery and post pregnancy issues- and often in areas where doctors medicines were not helpful.

Specifically, allopathic doctors scared me about having an Ectopic pregnancy and wanted to closely monitor my Beta HCG. Magnet therapy of a few days assisted in boosting the Beta HCG count to the satisfaction of the doctors. Similarly they feared gestational diabetes had set in, magnets for pancreas were placed and in the next blood test there was no trace of an elevated sugar level! Throughout my delivery, Mahesh was on speed dial to assist in the process too.

Lastly, my periods were not resuming post 7 months of the baby. The doctors had given pills, medicines and despite that there was no progress. 2 weeks of his therapy and the balance was restored, the flow resumed and I had my first period in over a year.

I vouch for his cures, promptness, taking whatever the patient says with the utmost seriousness, following up and being approachable and humble throughout. He was meant to be a healer.

Sepalika PCOS
Shreyasi Walia 26, Mumbai

HI, I’m Shreyasi Walia. Two years back, I had a huge problem with facial hair, irregular periods. I was also gaining weight despite dieting. It was really very depressing. When I did my blood tests and my ultrasound, it showed that I had PCOD. I began using the acupressure magnets and within the first month itself, the periods began to regularise. I also began to feel a lot more energetic. I’ve continued with the magnets and while it took longer for the weight loss to happen, I’m very happy that it has happened, with the same normal diet as before. My skin feels a lot healthier and I no longer have the facial hair problem.

Sepalika PCOS
Padmavathi Murli 47, Chennai

I have had problems with painful, irregular and prolonged periods for many years. I would also suffer from bloating and was diagnosed with PCOD.

Once I began using dietary supplements and magnets those problems resolved and my PCOD reversed.

As I’m nearing menopause, I’m using magnets and Ayurvedic herbs to balance my Estrogen and other hormone levels.

I prefer to use these natural methods rather than resort to chemical medicines. It works really well for me!

Sepalika PCOS
Mitaali Garg 28, Delhi

I was quite disturbed when my hormone panel blood tests showed high cholesterol and my ultrasound showed polycystic ovaries. I was struggling with weight gain and my periods were irregular. After using the magnet based acutherapy, my periods got by into a normal rhythm. I also repeated my blood tests and my cholesterol levels became normal. It worked for me. Natural methods do work, it just needs us to be sincere and regular with treatment.

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Sepalika PCOS
Mahesh Jayaraman Acupressure Specialist
Sepalika PCOS
Dr. Manthan Mehta MD
Sepalika PCOS
Dr. Radhika Dontala MD
Sepalika PCOS
Dr. Pradnya Parulkar M.D. DGO
Sepalika PCOS
Dr. Abdul Azees MD (Siddha)
Sepalika PCOS
Shahroze Rizvi Acupressure Specialist
Sepalika PCOS
Ishika Sachdev Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Sepalika PCOS
Ashraf Sayed Co-Founder, Syybol Fitness & Entertainment
Sepalika PCOS
Manisha Kapoor Co-Founder, Syybol Fitness & Entertainment

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