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Hormone-balancing Diet Plan

For both vegetarians and non-vegetarians


Dietary Supplements

We’ve chosen a herbal formula that covers every aspect of PCOD and female health


Fun Workouts

We’ve blended exercise with Bollywood music to create easy and fun workouts!


Magnetic Acutherapy

A unique acupressure therapy tailor-made for your symptoms


Easy Health Habits

Time-tested health tips from our expert team that can be game changers to address your PCOD!


Here is what women on the Sepalika PCOD Treatment Program have to say.

First natural Period In 5 Years

  It’s the first time in the last 5 years that I got a natural period. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to your program. Surprisingly it’s totally painless. No discomfort, no cramps. No problem at all! I am really hopeful now.. I see myself on the right track. I am really really relieved. I had thought I’d never be able to have natural period. I’ve also lost 3kgs of body weight, 1 inch waist measurement and, 2 inches hip measurement. I see you guys have amazing reviews and I am sure eventually Sepalika is going to become very popular.  


Two Natural Monthly Cycles After Two Years

  In around 26 days of starting the program, I got my first natural period in around 2 years! My second natural period arrived 30 days later, and I didn't suffer from any PMS, bloating, mood swings or acne. Thank you, Sepalika!  


Correct Guidance and Explanation

  As an MBBS doctor myself, I have tried to understand why my periods have been so erratic. Have spoken to several gynaecologists and seniors, but nobody joined the dots and explained my lab reports like this. I know I'm getting the correct guidance here.  


Menstrual Cramping Reduced Significantly

  The magnets have really helped. The castor oil pack made a huge difference to my cramping pains! I slept really well which doesn't usually happen the first night of my period.  


Getting Compliments for Weight Loss

  I have started receiving compliments on my weight loss. It looks like I am starting to lose weight. My thanks to team Sepalika. Specially Dr Ishika and Dr Mahesh. You guys have taken me back to our roots. Really glad that I found you guys.  


Drop in Clothes Size and Reduced Hair Fall

  My clothing size is one-two sizes smaller than before. It was 14 earlier it's between 10-12 size now. My weight has also reduced from 73 to 71.5 kgs in one month. Hair fall is better now. I am thrilled!  


Reduced Acne

  My acne has reduced significantly with dairy exclusion suggested in the Sepalika Nutrition Plan.  


First Period After a Year

  I've just had my first natural period since December 2016. It was irregular and at the best, scanty before that. My waist has reduced from 31 to 29 inches and hip measurement has reduced 41 to 40 inches. My hair growth on the arms and legs has also reduced.  


Pain-free Periods

  I got two periods on the program that brought very little pains. Earlier, every alternate period was very painful. I even have better energy levels and some improvement on hair loss.  


Regularized Cycles and Improvement in Skin

  My period has become even more regular, i.e. it came on the exact 30th day from my last one, compared to my last few cycles. I feel like overall my skin feels better and breakouts are limited to days before my period. My sleep is also more regulated.  


Inch Loss and Decrease in Hair Fall

  My clothes fit a lot better. My hair fall has decreased drastically.  


Weight and Inch Loss with Rise in Energy Levels

  I have had 1kg weight loss. 1/2 inch lost at both the waist and hips. I feel lighter and more energetic. I got my period in 35 days without birth control pills.  


Regularized Periods, and Feeling Light and Energetic

  I got my period within 32 days; usual gap in periods was 90 days when not on birth control pills. My energy levels are better and I feel much lighter.  


Very Effective Ancient Remedies

  These are ancient folk remedies and seem to have worked for me. I would recommend to anyone who wants to feel more healthy.  


Highly Effective & Motivating Exercises

  The exercise videos are really good. I work up quite a sweat by the time the Sepalika-Syybol dance or walk is over. The notes in the videos are useful and motivating. Ashraf's motivational shouts are also good. The yoga video is also enjoyable with a soft steady instructor voice and clear demo.  


Significant Increase in Energy Levels

  I think the exercise videos are just right for me. I have started to see positive results already and I feel that my energy levels have gone up significantly.  


Yoga and Exercises are Fun

  I am enjoying the exercises and doing them regularly. No difficulties in doing exercises. Yoga is also going good.  


Exercising is Fun Like Never Before

  Feel better every day after doing the Sepalika-Syybol exercise. Have never liked to exercise otherwise.  


Note* : All testimonials are genuine. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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