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A team of experienced therapists, nutritionists and health coaches will help with painful periods. All treatment is via phone consults and WhatsApp chat. No need to travel to a clinic.

How Sepalika is different

We customize our program to address your unique needs. We’ll help you pinpoint the exact cause of your pain and solve it

We address the root causes by tapping into the unexpected interconnections among various systems in your body

We’re completely online for your convenience and safety

Have a question or worry? Chat with us anytime over weekdays (10am-6pm) – no appointments needed

No temporary band-aids for just pain. You get freedom from period pain, from its very root!


Are Painful Periods “Normal”?

For many of us, periods are usually painful. Some of the symptoms we go through are:

  • Cramping
  • Tender or swollen breasts
  • Muscle pains (back, legs, etc)
  • Digestive Problems
  • Acne
  • Bad Moods

We accept that this is “normal” and try our best to go about our routine. But did you know-traditional health wisdom, including Ayurveda, suggests that there should be absolutely no pain. Each period should almost take a woman by surprise!

Furthermore, for some of us, the pain is so bad that it affects our ability to function. You may be hardly able to get out of bed. Please don’t accept or ignore debilitating pain. It is always a sign of an underlying imbalance, deficiency or health condition.

Why are periods so painful?

Here’s what’s going on in your body every month:

  • Your body produces
    female sex hormones
  • Uterus lining thickens to prepare for a
    possible baby
  • When there’s no pregnancy,
    the uterus sheds its lining out
    through the vagina

This is your period in a nutshell. So why does it hurt? The muscles of your uterus need to contract and work hard to push the unused lining out. Therefore, you feel mild cramps. This is how it should work, when your body is in good health.

However, heavy cramps and debilitating pain are not normal. They could be a result of lymphatic stress. Your lymphatic system is responsible for draining waste from various parts of your body. According to Ayurveda, your body undergoes complete detoxification during your menstrual period. This puts a lot of pressure on your lymphatic system, causing pain and discomfort in multiple parts of your body.

Additionally, your pain could be due to hormonal imbalances including conditions like PCOD. Sometimes, there are even more serious issues like endometriosis or uterine fibroids, which the Sepalika program is unable to address.

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Why Your Current Treatment May Not Be Working

Painkillers work for some women, but if you use them too often, your body stops responding to them. Many women also resort to muscle relaxants – these often have names that end with “spaz”, which means they reduce muscle ‘spasms’. This too does not fix the root cause, because the underlying hormonal imbalance remains uncorrected, while only the pain is masked.

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How We Help?

Most period pain is caused by a hormonal imbalance; usually, there is too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. The sepalika programme reduces excess estrogen production by balancing your diet and gives you supplements and acutherapy that help your body eliminate excess estrogen, without pain. This way, we treat the root causes of your pain and save you from greater complications like endometriosis and fibroids later in life.

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How To Get Started?


Register for Program

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Receive customized prescription

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Your progress

is reviewed every 2 weeks by a medical therapist.

Ask Questions on chat at any time. (working hours only please )


How much does it cost?
3 Months Program


+18% GST
    • Comprehensive blood tests & expert analysis worth Rs 10,000
    • 3 Months Supply of Magnet Acupressure Kit
    • Fortnightly calls with your medical expert
    • Diet plan including guides for eating out, holiday & travel
    • Access to therapists anytime on chat (10am-6pm, Mon-Fri)
Start Program
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements we may recommend based on your blood tests. These can be bought at an online store.
  • Additional blood tests after the program if you would like to quantify your progress.
  • Additional tests for any unusual new symptoms during the program.

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Our clients have seen

Patients have seen…

Reduced pain intensity with natural interventions

Fewer days of pain as hormones are balanced

Lesser use of chemical medicines like painkillers and muscle relaxants

Lesser bloating and better digestion as diet becomes less inflammatory

Fewer days off work as period health improves

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Sepalika Transformation Stories

The period pain and discomfort were absent! I look forward to reclaiming my health and being vibrant once again.

Devika Awasthi, 32

In 3 months, I feel a lot better! My periods are more regular and less painful, and my acne has reduced substantially. I definitely recommend Sepalika’s program.

Tarini Suri, 17

My periods have been regular, and less painful during my Sepalika journey. I’ve also lost over 3 kgs, and 2 inches off my waist!

Sheetal, 27

For the first time, I did not need any pain killer during my period. My digestion is so much better too!

Tejal Samel, 32

One month in, I didn’t need to take my usual painkiller – my period was very manageable. I’m excited and motivated for the rest of my journey!

Tapasi Palo, 25

What can I Expect from Painful Periods Journey with Sepalika?

Depending on the severity and the underlying causes of your pain, you will see improvements within two or three period cycles. Some heal soon, while others take longer.

The typical modern lifestyle wreaks havoc on the hormones and the lymphatic system. It also leaves us deficient in key vitamins and minerals that our body uses to fight pain. We’ll help you incorporate gradual, healthy and sustainable changes to overcome period pain.

If you’re overweight, we’ll help you drop the kilos safely and sustainably. This will help balance hormones. But please don’t aim for rapid weight loss, because it can be unsafe.

If you’re on hormonal allopathic pills, we will ask you to go off them, so that they don’t interfere with your body’s attempts to come back to its natural hormone balance.

Changing your lifestyle isn’t a quick fix. We know how challenging it can be, but we promise your patience and consistency will pay off!

Your Expert Care Team

Finest care from our top care specialists

Sharda Agarwal

Co-founder & FNTP

Nutritional Therapy
Association, USA


Mahesh Jayaraman

Co-founder & Chief Medical Therapist

Dr. Rishivandhiyaa B




Leon Sra

Head Nutritionist

M.Sc Clinical Nutrition,
University College London


Gurpriya Singh

Medical Therapist

Diploma in Acupressure & Dietary Supplements Advisory


Payal Doshi

Health Admin

Riddhi Patel

Health Coach