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Diabetic Hypoglycemia: How To Beat That Low!

Mar 25, 2017
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Hypoglycemia Definition: When Blood Sugar Drops Below 4mmol/L

When blood sugar levels drop below 4mmol/L or 70mg/dL in a diabetic, the condition is called diabetic hypoglycemia. Diabetes medications (including insulin) interfere with the body’s natural blood sugar control mechanism to bring down high blood sugar. However, if you skip a meal or exercise too much, or if your medication is too high, you could end up with low blood sugar instead. Sadly, this is surprisingly common in diabetics, especially those on insulin. It can lead to seizures and loss of consciousness, and can even be deadly, if untreated.

Hypoglycemia Symptoms: Effects of Low Blood Sugar

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Mahesh Jayaraman
Mahesh is a hormone health counsellor & holistic health expert. He has a Mastery Certification in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis from the US, is certified in Functional Nutrition from Washington State University and uses a wide array of healing modalities to guide his clients to vibrant health and well-being.